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Body Empowerment Heals Program

Monthly program that includes four sessions with different focus points. This program is catered to pushing dancers to feel confident in front of the camera while tapping into our vulnerability. 
In total, you would receive five videos including a professional visual that takes place at the end of the program called Empowered Performance. 

Learn more about each session and empowered performance below.

Minimum of three sessions to register


Session 1: Sensuality

Focus Points
• learning or cleaning up foundation of heels
• Lines and weight transfers
• Implementing a goal to accomplish by the end of program
• Across the floor with prompts

No love by Sza

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Session 2: Sexuality

Focus Points
• Defining our sexuality and understanding that boundary through movement
• Taking a risk. You ge to decide what you want to do to push yourself out of your comfort zone. 
• Warming up to Freestyling

Paris by Jeremih

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Session Mashup

Session 3: Stamina

Charm by Rema

Focus Points
• Testing our stamina and muscle memory. This allows us to trust our bodies without overthinking
• Discussing Breakthroughs 
• Freestyling in solos/duos

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Session Mashup

Session 4: Storytelling

Free by Perri Jones

Focus Points
• Connecting to the message of the song through our personal life experiences
• Focusing on performance aspect of the choreography
• Discuss Empowered Performance

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Empowered Performance

A second opportunity to perform and focus our feelings on set with one Choreo of your choosing from the sessions.

Includes two takes:

• Take One: the videographer will film you just like in our sessions from the front.

• Take Two: the videographer will film you from an angle as you still dance facing front to capture the movement in a different perspective.

As a result: You will receive one video that includes cuts between the two takes .

Paris by Jeremih

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