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Kayla Maria G 

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Kayla Maria is also a professional dancer. She has not only danced in campaigns such as Ugg and Nike, but has also choreographed for Disney + and has been featured in music videos such as When We Move by Common. She broke barriers by being the first dancer to open up for Pretty Little Thing's SwimWear Show. She loves to create movement through story telling and shares this passion as a dance teacher in NYC. Kayla Maria performs in a variety of styles ranging from heels and hip hop to salsa. Through her creativity, Kayla is opening up people's minds to a new perspective on disability.

Kayla Maria G, Afro-Latina New York City native, is a professional model, dancer, teacher, and influencer whose goal is to break barriers and normalize disabilities. She is currently a signed model under Zebedee Talent and has been featured in international campaigns such as Kurt Geiger, Tommy Hilfiger, Amazon and more. Kayla Maria models various styles from boudoir to urban looks. What sets her apart is that she is a proud bionic user. She is comfortable in her own skin and sees the beauty in her limb difference. 



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