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Pawed and Worthy

Aside from being able to live my dreams of dancing and modeling, I love being able to advocate from my community. I was born with a limb.           difference and I had to figure out many life experiences on my own. I've been always asked the question: "When did you get over your insecurity?" to which I always answered: "Why do I have to be insecure about my limb difference?" Disabilities and insecurities do not need to an expected.         pairing. It made me realize that I wanted to be voice to show that difference and show others that they are not alone in familiar life experiences. 

Paw Videos

Everyday life experience with a limb difference

Workout Videos

Tackling the gym can be scary especially when you have to adapt workouts and machines. Although it can be scary being watched by other in the gym....focus on your goals and everything else becomes white noise because you belong there too. 

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